Course Details
(Introduced from June, 2006)
Ordinances Regulating Including Scheme and Syllabi relating to the Degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) Degree Course ( Modified ) with effect from Academic year (2006-2007)
Course Title - Bachelor of Pharmacy
Abbreviations - B Pharm.
Type of Course - A four year degree course divided into eight Semeters.
Pattern - Semester
Number of Years and Semester - Four years divided into eight semesters with two semesters per year
Nomenclature of Semester -
Semester - I & Semester - II First Year B.Pharm.
Semester - III & Semester- IV Second year B Pharm,
Semester - V & Semester - VI Third year B. Pharm.
Semester - VII & Semester - VIII Final Year B.Pharm.
Award of the Degree -
Degree will be awarded for those passing in all the eight semesters as per the rules and regulations given subsequently.
Duration of Semester -
Each Semester will be normally of 15 weeks duration for class room teaching/lecture & examination for that semester will be held during or after the 16th week from the commencement of the semester.